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Communication and BNI 60 seconds

Communication was a common theme in three of the ’60 seconds’ today. So it must be important in business! Well, of course, effective communication is essential and the Ed slot was all about improving your 60 seconds pitch! And the members agree! Bradley... read more

Cyber Crime and Printers

A great article on how Cyber Crime can affect Printers in Print Week by Leigh-on-Sea-based Stewart Watkins, who is the head of IT for the BPIF (British Print Industries Federation). He explains how certain programs that are regularly used by Printers can leave their... read more

Breakfast, BNI and Social Media

Today’s BNI meeting in Southend was once again packed with good stuff. The ten minute presentation, from Communications Co-ordinator Paul Spillman was about BNI and Social Media. It was very good too. BNI Nuts and Bolts Today I got a little closer to managing to... read more