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Building trust at the BNI

This is a republished post but still a goodie about the power of trust Dave Anderson – Sun Motors Part of BNI and networking is getting to know what the other members do. Getting to know them, understanding their expertise and trusting them. After all if you’re going... read more

Will Bray – BNI Southend-on-sea

More than your average networking meeting… I’m normally very sceptical of business network meetings, in past experience they have been an excuse for people to get out of the office for a few hours and hide from their daily routine. So, when a friend of... read more

BNI Southend – Helen Martin of Giles Wilson

Helen Martin of Giles Wilson is the new Chapter Director of Southend BNI but she’s not always had the confidence required to carry off such a lofty position… When I first attended a BNI meeting I was incredibly nervous. The prospect of meeting a horde of... read more

5 Tips to Power Your Real-Time Marketing Efforts

At this year’s INBOUND and FutureM conference in Boston, Ekaterina Walter of Sprinklr delivered a real-time marketing talk that was one of the more buzzed about presentations. And for good reason – marketers understand the value of real-time marketing, yet many are... read more

How Marketers Can Get Back to Modern Marketing

Not long ago, Eric Swayne wrote a piece entitled Back to School 2014: A Social AND Shopping Occasion.His post looked at the whole “back to school” process and mindset from a retail perspective. He took us along as he, like so many of us, made the trek to their... read more

Internet Marketing for 2020

As we approach the end of the year, you’ll be starting to see a bunch of “SEO for 2015” articles. Well I’m going to do you one better…I’m writing one to help you rank better not just a few months from now (come on – anyone can do THAT, right?) but five... read more

5 New Email Marketing Terms You Should Know

I start off the just-released 2nd Edition of Email Marketing Rules by quoting EmailMarketingReports.com Publisher Mark Brownlow, who once said:“Wondering if ‘best practices’ were called ‘profit practices’ whether we’d be more likely to follow them. Words have... read more