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At this weeks BNI Southend meeting I managed to successfully record the ten minutes slot. The presentation was given by Vicky Kelly of Butterfly Effect Coaching, where small changes make a big difference. This was an excellent talk and the testimonials were very impressive.

BNI Southend - Butterfly Effect

BNI Southend – Butterfly Effect

BNI beginner getting to grips with 60 seconds

As a BNI beginner I am trying to document, not only how I get on but also how I learn the ins and outs of how to get the most from the membership. I made my 60 seconds count this week and almost finished in time! I was trying to get the point across that nobody would be daft enough not to put the effort into planning a loft conversion.

But, many small businesses end up failing to plan their blogging effectively. Although quite different, both these activities involve a significant investment. And after all time is money…

Your business blogging efforts deserve the same level of commitment and planning as a loft conversion. Otherwise, as with a loft conversion you may not get the end result you would really like!

BNI Southend chapter director Vicky Kelly – small changes, big difference

Vicky talked about the difference between business and executive coaching. She also shared some successes and discussed some of the issues her coaching could address.

I really enjoyed this talk and the testimonials were, as I mentioned, very impressive. I’ll be looking at using Vicky’s business coaching skills very soon. An objective, informed viewpoint isn’t easy to attain when you’re right in the middle of it all.

Anyone wanting to contact Vicky will find contact details here.

More 1-2-1 meetings and the power groups

After the main meeting I had a great one-to-one with Sandy Cowley, BNI Southend’s independent distributor of Forever Living Products. She’d gone to the trouble of sorting out which supplements were vegan friendly.

I now know some of the benefits of Aloe Vera and L-arginine. But i also have lots of literature to read up on too. This really is right up my street, believe it or not. As these products are not sold in shops you get a box of stuff to try for a week. Even some suncream, handy as we’ve actually got some sunshine.

I’m going to attend the marketing power group, which has been postponed until the 15th of July. New to BNI Southend, I’m looking forward to getting to know a few more people a bit better. It’s all good fun, really, it is.

But more than that each week the referrals are spread around and the money is coming in. Nicky of Somerstime has provided us with some spreadsheets to keep track of the referrals and thank yous. This will be a big help!

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