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This is a republished post but still a goodie about the power of trust

Dave Anderson – Sun Motors

Part of BNI and networking is getting to know what the other members do. Getting to know them, understanding their expertise and trusting them. After all if you’re going to recommend them you need to know they’re good at what they do. A lot of the time it’s all about chatting.
The other week I asked Dave Anderson of Sun Motors in Southend if he would be able to sort out the dodgy demister in the car. I’ve only very recently been insured to drive it and had to pull over because the windscreen had got so steamed up. You simply couldn’t see out of it. It’s a bit too cold first thing for open windows. So it needed sorting.
Dave said before anything else I should try using the AC properly. He is amazed at how many people don’t know how to use it properly. Apparently, during the winter it is a good idea to use it to recycle the air. This allows the system to filter out the moisture, thereby preventing misty windows. If that didn’t help he’d have a look.
So I’ve been trying that. And BINGO, it works. Like a dream. The car is only about three years old and has had the AC and the blower looked at several times. Each time the garage charged for having a look but never managed to fix the issue. Dave fixed it without even having a look!
He said AC is a speciality. I think I have to agree. He also said that if correct use of the AC didn’t sort the issue he’d check the alignment of the blower tubing for no charge. Often they get bunged up or misaligned and that could mess it up. I didn’t need that but very good to know.
Obviously, this little episode has built a lot of trust. In addition, this little story would make a great blog post, as I’m certain other people would benefit from this information. And that is a great deal of what blogging is about. Providing valuable information for visitors to your website helps build trust. Great!

But it doesn’t stop there…

Trevor Parrett of PDS Digital was having issues with his car. The driver’s footwell was very wet, the carpet was sodden. It wouldn’t dry out and if you stamped on it, water would splash out. Clearly, not ideal, Trev mentioned it to Dave when he took the car in for a service. Dave had a look and sorted the issue. Because he found the problem quickly easily he didn’t charge.
Now that’s good for customer relations! Apparently, a small magnet had somehow got stuck behind the rubber door seal. This put a kink in the seal allowing rain water to get in and keep the footwell soaked. The car was starting to smell as well.
But how about that for customer service! First class I’d say. And that’s just two examples on one week at Southend BNI. So if you want to get more business and team up with some solid professionals from all kinds of businesses get in touch. We’re not the number 1 BNI chapter in Essex for no reason!
We meet each Friday at the Arlington in Leigh-on-Sea at 6.30am. If you want to come along as a visitor, to give it a try, click here
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