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Today’s BNI meeting in Southend was once again packed with good stuff. The ten minute presentation, from Communications Co-ordinator Paul Spillman was about BNI and Social Media. It was very good too.

BNI Nuts and Bolts

Today I got a little closer to managing to fit what I wanted to say into my minute. Well a little closer…

I do like the minute talks, they do help get to know the ins and outs of the various Southend chapter member’s businesses. I learnt quite a bit today, for example:

  • Ayers and Cruiks commercial estate agents have won the best in Essex award  several times. Now that’s some endorsement! 
  • The credit crunch must be receding as the variable mortgage rate has dropped dramatically – 2% I believe. Paul Flavin is your man to effectively review your variable rate mortgage and save you money!
  • Ray Snow of RES Info-Tech reminded us that backing up our data is essential! He has a very cheap, secure and safe solution.
  • Trevor Parrett from PDS Digital prompted us to take advantage of midweek madness which provides us with the best value leaflets and brochures available.
  • Jake Lyons from Total Ink & Office explained how they managed to save a charity £600 a month off their toner bill. They are looking to do the same for other charities!
  • Bradley from Belvoir lettings reminded us of the BNI motto – Giver’s Gain – and wants to get some 1-2-1s under his belt to fully realise the power of BNI.

These were just a taster of the 30 or so minute long elevator pitches. These are chosen randomly and I will rotate through everyone over time.

BNI and Social Media

Paul did a good job of managing expectations while conveying the power of social media. It CAN be used to promote awareness of your business but don’t think it’s a doddle! For the Big Local App, Paul and colleagues spend 90 minutes a day Social Media-ing!

For me, the most important point was the need to have patience and persistence with your business social media efforts. Drip-feed quality content. add a little humour and remember a picture is worth a thousand words!

For BNI and social media specifically, Paul mentioned the need for everyone to chip in. If everybody could provide him with the slides from the presentations, the Southend BNI chapter and the business in question gets exposure, once it’s shared on the Facebook page. Then, with proper set up, everyone’s gets the post in their notifications. Then you are able to leverage the power of social media by liking and sharing these posts.

The potential power of Southend BNI and social media combined has for promoting members business is staggering. There’s about 30 members, which means there are (or should be) 30 Facebook business pages and personal pages that could be sharing the BNI page posts and each others posts.

The average Facebook user has 200+ friends so if your posts appear in their timeline that’s reaching out to 30 x 200 = 6000 people. If the post is worthy of sharing, that’s a nice bit of exposure. For example, if you share your blog post and it has an interesting title and image, these can entice clicks. That equates to some decent traffic to your site – potentially at least.

Then there’s the sharing as a your business page, which also has some reach. All of this combined will truly harvest the power of BNI and social media!

For the social media and BNI mix to work, we need to like and share each others posts and select get notifications so the posts appear in our timeline. I’ll show you how to do that soon – watch this space!

The power of BNI

Tony Crowley and Terry Glendinning showed the true power of BNI, without social media this time. There were a few emails discussing this but the long and short of it was  down to great communication and good people.

Tony (Grace Corporation Insurance) got a call from a client complaining of being let down. He called Terry (Glendinning Electrical) who jumped in and saved the day. This led to work worth £7000! Brilliant stuff.

In fact, brilliant stuff all round as the the total cash realised from referrals this week alone was £14000! So while today was about BNI and Social Media the power of BNI was clearly on show. Well done everyone.

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