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Building trust at the BNI

This is a republished post but still a goodie about the power of trust Dave Anderson – Sun Motors Part of BNI and networking is getting to know what the other members do. Getting to know them, understanding their expertise and trusting them. After all if you’re going... read more

Southend BNI: You can refer me with confidence because…

Southend BNI is lucky enough to have the stunning Kevin Vorley as Chapter Director. With the help of his team he has done a fantastic job of moving Southend BNI forward. one of his ideas is the very popular Fun Friday Theme. This involves doing something special for... read more

How do Ayers & Cruiks feel about their BNI chair?

On a recent Fun Friday at Southend BNI Mick Naumann of Southend BNI came up with this beauty. The Ayers & Cruiks BNI chair This week we were asked to reflect by Mr Kevin Vorley; “How special do you feel about your BNI chair?” This is not just a chair… This is a... read more

The power of SPECIFIC at BNI Southend

Gary Spurgeon of Southend BNI and Planet Leasing tells his Southend BNI story… After an initial flying start the referrals began to dry up. my 60 second pitches were very repetitive and didn’t really get any referrals, aside form a few internal referrals. After... read more

More to BNI than referrals…

BNI is all about referrals. Tony Crowley of Grace Corporate provides insight into why there’s more to the referrals than you might think… Returning from another great BNI meeting at my home chapter in Southend I was updating a client on their insurance,... read more

Southend BNI – Warm Welcoming and starting history

As a new business that is still very much in the early stages of establishment, as any new business can understand, it is very difficult to get the ball rolling.  After all, a great idea / product is only great if people know about it. Unique Selling Point One of the... read more