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My fabulous sales coach, Rick Roberge,  and I were talking about the power of LinkedIn to grow businesses and he reminded me about why it is so powerful to share posts with your connections… and their connections!

This simple strategy became incredibly relevant for firms of solicitors and barristers when applied to the events of my own week!

1. Suppose I write a blog post about a brilliant workshop I attended on GDPR and I post a link to it on my LinkedIn profile.


It gets seen by my connections, who get to know the names of the law firm and GDPR practitioner that ran the event and start to associate them in a positive way with help on GDPR. Fabulous!

2. But what if I also tag the individuals who ran the workshop in my status update? That helps my connections to easily access those experts on LinkedIn, increasing not only their visibility, but the chance of someone clicking through to find out more – because I made it easy. Great!

3. Now think about what would happen if I emailed or private messaged the individual experts at each of the companies who ran the workshop and asked them to SHARE my blog post with their LinkedIn connections? 

But why would you do that, Jo?

Because this is where understanding the power and reach of LinkedIn is crucial.

 According to this post, in 2017, the average person on LinkedIn was connected to around 400 people.

There were 5 presenters at the event = 5 x 400 is 2,000 people seeing that update.

Grow Your Law Firm By Sharing on LinkedIn

But there are 75 employees overall at the two companies that have been mentioned in the blog post. What if the Senior Partner asks them all to share the update with their connections?

That’s 72 x 400 = 28,800 people who are connected with the law firm who will read that message PLUS 3 x 400 = 1,200 people who are connected with the other firm who will read that message.

How many of those 30,000 individuals and their businesses will need the services of a law firm and/or a GDPR practitioner in 2018?

ask-connections-to-share-on-linkedin-jpgAnd it’s not just an update by your own practise saying how great you are – you are sharing a personal recommendation of your GDPR work from an independent business owner.

Now imagine that I advised the people who I originally tagged that, when they share my post, they should add a note asking their connections to help spread the word about their expertise by SHARING the post with THEIR connections.

 30,000 x 400 = 12 million people potentially seeing that update.

Now do you think it is a good idea for you or your law firm colleagues to ask your connections to share your LinkedIn status updates with their connections…?

By how much do you think you could grow your law firm?

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